Store FAQ's
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our products for sale:


Q. I have added a product to my cart, but when I view my cart, the cart is empty.

A. The cart function requires that your browser cookies be turned on. Please enable cookies in your browser.



Q. Can I purchase store credit or a gift certificate?

A. Absolutely! You can add a store credit voucher to your cart from the ‘* NEW’ category or by clicking this link. You can enter the amount of credit and whether it is for you or a gift to someone else.



Q. Will my product have your watermark on it?

A. No, the watermark will be removed for your product.



Q. Can I split my canvas/aluminium/glass into split panels?

A. Yes, please email us for accurate pricing on split products based on your chosen style and number of panels.



Q. How many photos can I have in my photo book?

A. We print one landscape image per page. If any portrait images are selected, you can decide whether you want one or two images per page.



Q. Can I purchase the full resolution JPEG?

A. Inview Studios does not currently sell its full resolution JPEGs. Please send us an email if you require further information.



Q. What type of paper do you use for prints?

A. We use high grade glossy photo paper for all our prints. We can use matte photo paper upon request. For a premium, we can also print your image on canvas paper (up to A3 only).



Q. Is the image size/resolution on your store the final image size/resolution?

A. No, the images on our site have been compressed and exhibit a reduction in size and resolution. You will receive the image in its full size and resolution.



Q. I like an image but I want it in black & white. Can I have it in black & white??

A. Yes. For a small conversion fee, contact us after you have made your purchase and we will ensure your product is made in black & white.



Q. Can you edit the image further before I purchase it?

A. Depending on the amount of work involved, we can edit the image to your liking for an additional fee. Please contact us for further information.



Q. What image should I buy?

A. This is subjective and each person has different taste. The image selection would depend on the theme, colour scheme and mood of the room you are placing the image in. We can send a photographer out to you, to assess your premises and make a recommendation. A consultancy fee applies to this and is limited to the Sydney metropolitan area.



Q. Print or canvas?

A. Both prints and canvases are a beautiful addition to any room however this again remains a personal choice. Please also consider the colours and wrap constraints when choosing a canvas.



Q. How long till I receive my product?

A. The turn around time depends on the type of product you have selected, but we aim to have your product delivered to your door within three weeks!



Q. Is delivery insurance included?

A. Yes, we provide insurance on all our deliveries, at no additional cost.



Q. The size I want is not listed, can I still purchase it?

A. Yes! Whilst we add different size combinations as they become available, there’s no need to wait! Simply contact us and we’ll organise a price for the size you want!



Q. Can you provide a frame for my print?

A. Whilst the prices advertised for prints do not include any frames, we can organise your print to be framed for an additional charge. We do however, offer framed canvases in various colours.



Q. Are there any taxes or surcharges added to the cost?

A. GST and taxes are included unless otherwise specified. We do not charge a surcharge for any credit card or PayPal payments.



Q. Can I purchase a product not listed on your site?

A. Whilst we focus on our four core products of prints, canvases, glass and aluminium, we can also order various other product types such as shirts, mugs, cards, mouse pads, puzzles etc. Please send us an email of your requested product and image and we will be happy to assist you.



Q. I want to order a product of a specific item or location that you do not stock. Can I order this?

A. Please send us an email of what you are after. For a small fee plus travel costs, we will be more than happy to accommodate your request.



Q. What size/How big can I order my print/canvas without losing quality?

A. This depends on the pixel resolution of the final image. Please check the product page’ description for the image size before selecting a size. As a rough guide:

  • a 50MP image at 8,688 x 5,792 pixels can be blown up to 2.3 metres in width and 1.53 metre in height without losing any quality.
  • a 22MP image at 5,760 x 3,840 pixels can be blown up to 1.53 metres in width and 1 metre in height without losing any quality.
  • a 15MP image at 4,752 x 3,168 pixels can be blown up to 1.25 metres in width and 83.8 centimeters in height without losing any quality.


Please note that some images may have been cropped and will have a lower maximum optimum size. Please check the product details for the image resolution.

To work out the maximum size (in centimeters) an image can be blown up to without losing quality, please divide the number of pixels by 38. (Note: the centimeters will be approximate, with a +/- 1 cm tolerance)

You can still order a larger size, however the resolution will gradually begin to diminish as you go over the above sizes.